Every year, companies offer corporate gifts to their employees. France 2 looks into this €1.5 billion-a-year market.

In that company, it is already Christmas. Employees are queuing up to get their gift vouchers, but also a surprise offered by the works council. A gift that costs less than 10 euros, but employees enjoy it. These gadgets offered by companies to their employees are called goodies. Thank its employees after a year of hard work, inform about the works council, make loyal the best customers, there are many reasons to create branded gifts.

To find ideas, companies are calling on suppliers. The catalog is immense. Among the essential, the pen or the USB key. Every year there are new products. But prices can quickly soar. The main goal of goodies is to display a logo and a company name. The goodies, a market that carries weight. Nearly a billion and a half euros.

France2 TV is leading the investigation, discover the video (in French).