Ensure the integrity of your image

The Corporate Programme Solution is a personalised service that can be tailored to meet the communication needs of any company.

Taking into account the varied requirements of the Procurement, Marketing and Communications departments, Jordenen will propose a bespoke solution accompanied by the appropriate management tools for tracking your corporate programme.


Strengthen your business identity with our Corporate Programme Solution, based on the 5 Ps.






Optimised processes and flows

Jordenen uses all its expertise to promote your image under the Corporate Programme.

Managing the flows using SAP
Managing the flows using SAP
Managing the flows using SAP

All flows are managed using the SAP ERP system.

Which companies is this service for?

Any company can use this service. Multi-site, networked, national and/or international organisations wishing to optimise, boost and control their image through a collection of well-designed/optimised products, managed by a professional in the business. If you have any of the following objectives, entrust Jordenen with your project:

Create a truly complete range of products that are consistent with your image and objectives
Offer a value-added service around your product offering
Optimise and ensure the security of the various processes and intermediaries
Centralise expenses for improved visibility and process control
Outsource part of the management (and the risk) to a specialist and professional partner
Obtain information on the programme's implementation with regular reports
Standardise marketing tools across the entire region covered
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Jordenen guarantees an effective partnership and an optimised process that means that you can focus on your priorities!

The benefits of a Corporate Programme

icon security shield
The safety of having one's image managed by a professional in the business
icon check validation
The assurance of product consistency and compliance with your graphic charter and messages as well as the guarantee of the application of safety standards
icon refresh processus
An optimised process (quality procedures, supplier and product selection, safety standard compliance, etc.) using efficient management tools (ERP)
icon share
Promotion and communication tools to support your deployment
icon reporting
Automated, transparent reporting for efficient management of your expenses and easier analysis
icon economy
Cost savings by optimising purchase volumes and potential synergies using shared services on mutualised platform
icon service improvement
Significant improvement in the service provided to all internal and/or external buyers

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