Parisian Firefighters licensed products are successfulThe mugs, keychains, magnets and pens in the colors of the Parisian Firefighters (Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris) are sold throughout France, but also abroad. The festivities of July 14 are a great opportunity to boost Firefighters licensed products orders.

Launched four months ago, the official online store of the Fire Brigade of Paris (Brigade de Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris) is a huge success. Fans of firefighters can buy a wide range of licensed products from classic key chains, magnets, pens or mobile case to “goodies” most surprising such as apron, an umbrella or a watch .

90% of products are manufactured in France. Prices varie from 2 euros for a firefighter truck shaped magnet to 58.51 euros for a ‘VIP’ watch. “Within the first week, the site recorded more than 15,000 connections, which is a very good performance”, says Etienne Delong, sales manager at Jordenen, located in Orléans and which provides products and manages the e-shop  for the Parisian firefighters.