Launched, this Monday, the national police derivative productsINFO E1 – Like the New York police, the Direction centrale de la sécurité publique (DCSP) has launched, this Monday, the sale of the Police derivative products.

Like the famous NYPD , the New York police district, which T-shirts and other accessories are worn by millions of tourists, the National Police is embarking on derivatives. Mug, pen, lighter, key chain, watch, USB key… a dozen of items branded with the police colours are available for sale on a dedicated website. A première in France .

By selling these products, the central management of public security hopes to become better known to the public. Less known to the public as the RAID troops or the judicial police, public safety yet includes 66,000 police officers, including biker patrol, members of the anti- criminality patrol, dog patrol and the technical and scientific support staff. In summary, public safety is the ” everyday police,” often the first to answer the calls to 17.