Jordenen, emotion through products since 1969

As a supplier of personalised products, we create and provide solutions for your marketing, promotions, sales campaigns, corporate gifts, and more recently, workwear and PPE.

We do much more than simply sell 'products'. Our approach is to first understand you so that we can assist your differentiation with a meaningful product, along with the value-added services required today to maximise your impact in a market where your customers and prospects are 'saturated' by different messages.

Ode to the product

The product reflects an image

"I identify with...", "I belong to...": this is all thanks to the product, a product that is 'cohesive'.
The product conveys, supports and defines an image, Your image!
For centuries, products has been doing the own advertising.

There are many media, but it is unique - you make it your own.
JORDENEN brings you its expertise, listens to your requirements so that it can suggest, propose and guide

The product creates emotion

It is provocative, in the positive sense of the word.
Almost commonplace, it introduces you to your customers and has an impact on them.
Sometimes it raises a smile, always with a focus on image...

It celebrates joy, special occasions and brings us together:
Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas! Thank you!

It motivates and drives.
JORDENEN understands your requirements and is at your side right from the start of your project.
Emotion is the product - you alone experience it and can share it!

The product has meaning...

Meaning: a look, a smell, a feel, a sound... We are constantly alert.

Everything is a pretext: a noise, a colour, a breath of wind!

Everything assaults us, everything cajoles us...

The product is evocative. JORDENEN will impress and inspire you with its showrooms, unique for their size, diversity and brightness.

Every product has its meaning, its unique potential. It's for you to reveal it.
And it's for us to guide you with our advice and experience. Meaning certainly, but it has to be effective!

Jordenen's Team