Our expertise helping to deliver your projects for more than 50 years

Our goal is to be a leading partner in the branded product sector, a partner that others benchmark against. Compliance with standards is a natural extension of this goal.

Thanks to our expertise developed with many customers, Jordenen is, today, a partner of choice for advising you on your branded products. Whatever your structure, organisation or business sector, we have a solution for you.

Jordenen in figures

Million € turnover in 2017
Certified national entities (Orléans, Paris, La Ciotat, Mougins)
Exhibition showrooms (>1000m²)
In-house graphic designers
In-house web service
Logistics facilities
Certifications (ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – Qualiserv)

Our history

Change of presidency, Derek ROHDE takes the management of the company
Azulis Capital becomes the majority shareholder of Jordenen
Acquisition of MG Editions (45)
Update to the 2015 version of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications and QUALISERV label
Acquisition of Quadra SAS (06)
The roll-out of the ERP SAP B1 system across the entire company
The Parisian team moves into the new offices in Malkoff (92), dedicated to the branded product business including a >500M2 showroom.
Creation of an entity in Hong Kong.
Introduction of a Quality Management and Certification System for the company, based on standard ISO 9001, Qualiserv®, and an environmental management system according to ISO 14001.
Opening of two new > 1,000m2 showrooms, one in Orléans and the other in Paris.
Expansion of our national coverage with the acquisition of two complementary facilities: GilftWorld (75) and Punch (13)
Creation of the Paris agency.
Acquisition of new premises (head office): more than 1,500 m² for customers, including a showroom of over 300 m² and a warehouse of 600 m².
Take over of the company by Gaël de Calan (CEO).
Creation of Jordenen in Orléans [45] by Mr Jorlin and Mr Radenen.

Our mission

We offer you advice and the benefit of our 50 years' experience with the assistance of our 72 in-house experts. We seek out innovative and original products on the world's markets or create a product to meet your requirements.

But our teams do much more than merely sell you the 'basics'. We help you to differentiate yourself by looking for the best medium to convey your image and message.

Our mission is to create solutions to meet your marketing, promotion and incentive needs.

Our expertise


We strive to bring you the benefit of our experience and to inform you about the latest arrivals on the promotional product market that are likely to meet your needs, all while seeking to ensure the best quality and price. Consulting is a crucial element in a partnership relationship.


We think that you should have access to all the products and latest arrivals on the market, irrespective of their origin or quantity. Our database contains over a thousand suppliers covering some ten thousand products. And where the quantities and lead times allow, we offer the possibility of producing a unique product that will differentiate you and best reflect your identity, while fully complying with standards.


Jordenen has integrated branding techniques: screen printing, pad printing, transfer and laser engraving. We think it is essential to possess this expertise in order to be able to adhere to every aspect of our customers' graphic charters. Personalising an item transforms it into a powerful communication tool.


Jordenen has established three logistics platforms (one being in-house) adapted to the specific needs of Corporate Programmes / catalogue management. The specific services of warehousing, stock management, order preparation and unit picking, re-packaging and/ or bundling , labelling, multi shipments are all services that can be integrated in a Corporate Programme or for your one-off or seasonal communication campaigns. The logistics platforms are interfaced with our ERP system (SAP) enabling for improved performance and control. Jordenen has deployed SAP across its organisation. Automisation enables efficiencies which allow us to concentrate on priorities: YOU ! We do not just handle the day-to-day flow of goods but manage the global performance through our system. Our client, bespoke e-commerce sites are integrated solutions ensuring seamless operations and improved workflow. Our system also enables client-system interfacing for reporting requirements.


At every stage of production, the products are controlled for their intrinsic quality and for their compliance with applicable standards. To certify the compliance of our products, we use the best certification and audit experts in the world (LNE, SGS, etc.). It is also possible, on request, to call on the services of a social audit laboratory to ensure that the factories producing our items comply with social and ethical standards.

Jordenen, member of IGC Global Promotions

igc_logo(1) (2)

Our values and culture are in line with those of IGC Global Promotions, making this association a strength.

IGC Global Promotions is a global contract partner for multinational companies to buy promotional items and business gifts.

  • A Network of 52 partners,
  • covering 100 countries,
  • A global approach for a local service

They have optimized and secured the supply chain, because they work with controlled factories, take care of social and environmental responsibility and apply a detailed knowledge of local law and regulations in every step.

Provide advice, and ensure the integrity of your brand
Regularly propose new possibilities or continuously improve quality thanks to a worldwide network of partner suppliers
Offer the widest possible choice, at the best possible price and at any time of the year
Integrate certain production stages to increase our flexibility
Provide logistics and storage solutions in France and overseas
Manage the entire supply chain and set up call centres
Increase your visibility and your reputation with full management of your own e-commerce promotional product site
Automate the entire order, delivery and invoicing process (PGI/ERP SAP)

Our values

schema_Nos_Valeurs_ANGScouring the world's markets for the best prices does not come without some risk. Respecting the work of all is essential, and we are very vigilant as regards the risks of exploitation among children and the vulnerable. That is why we have signed the UN Charter and have been a member of the Global Compact since 2005.

To ensure compliance with these values, we visit our suppliers' production sites several times a year to check the origin of the raw materials, the method of assembly and the working conditions.

To certify the compliance of the products that we sell, we use the best certification and audit experts in the world (LNE, SGS). We will, on request, call on the services of a social audit laboratory to ensure that the factories producing our products comply with social and ethical standards.