Jordenen, a responsible player

We seek to support sustainable development by carefully selecting our partners and the products that we sell, while also meeting your communication needs. This approach is a continuous process. It demonstrates our desire to make tomorrow better for each and every one of us.

Our approach, our certifications

We recognise, at the highest level, the importance of social responsibility by making it a part of our governance and by demonstrating our values, our principles and our code of ethics. We assert our role with all of our points of contact, be they customers, suppliers, consumers or staff, and we inform them about the actions we undertake on the basis of the commitments made and enshrined in our charter.

Our company is also a member of the Fédération Française de la Communication par l’Objet (2FPCO; French Federation of Promotional Product Professionals) and has signed its Professional Charter and the Code of Conduct.

Our involvement in this process has resulted in the award of two recognised certifications and one equally-recognised label for Orléans, Malakoff and La Ciotat offices:

ISO 9001 : 2015
ISO 14001 : 2015

Jordenen is rated as Gold for its CSR commitmentFinally, for several years, Jordenen has been evaluated by ECOVADIS, an international organization specialized in Sustainable Development. In 2017, thanks to its Social and Environmental commitment, the score of 69/100 rates Jordenen CSR performance at the Advanced or Gold level according to various global ranking criteria.

Monitor and promote social development

As a local social player, Jordenen's Orléans site encourages the employment of people with reduced mobility and sub-contracts certain activities such as customised packaging or sewing to Entreprises Adaptées ('adapted enterprises' for people with disabilities, formerly known as Ateliers Protégés, sheltered workshops in English). Jordenen carries out social audits at suppliers manufacturing bespoke products and places particular emphasis on child labour prevention and the provision of safe and healthy working conditions. These audits are primarily carried out by SGS or Intertek which have, to date, audited and certified some twenty factories for Jordenen.

The members of our executive committee carry out several factory visits in Europe and Asia every year, and partnerships have been set up with the Laboratoire National d’Essai Asie (LNE Shanghai and Hong Kong) for product testing and to ensure compliance with standards. Compliance with social commitments is, therefore, a regularly controlled requirement and any supplier who fails to meet their obligations is delisted.

In addition, Jordenen has long-experience working with prestigious 'licensed' companies in the stringent selection of their suppliers.

Assess and reduce our environmental impact
Incorporate sustainable development criteria in the supplier selection and support procedure
Encourage all those involved in the supply chain to undertake a sustainable development approach
Raise awareness and train our employees in eco-responsible behaviour

Respect for the environment

For many years, we have placed priority on selecting suppliers who are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SA 8000 (social responsibility within the workplace) certified. The company is also a member of the Promocadeaux-Promogreen network. Jordenen gives priority to sustainable products such as those by Citizen Green, which contributes to the One Percent for the Planet programme, or those by Etikeko, which offers recycled or recyclable products, CFC-free (chlorofluorocarbons) and chlorine-free products, and products made from wood from sustainable forests.

Internally, our branding service has introduced protocols to enable the use of water-based inks. We considered this step essential to ensuring consistency for customers wishing to purchase sustainable products. Our ISO 14001 environment approach fully incorporates these requirements as well as recycling, which is an important factor during product selection.

All of our employees are made aware of the importance of respecting the environment in their day-to-day work: recycling and reusing cardboard packaging, limiting paper printing, grouping customer meetings outside the office to optimise car travel, car sharing for travelling to trade fairs and other events, etc.

As far as possible, Jordenen gives priority to French and European quality and expertise. We have created partnerships with suppliers to this end, as well as to reduce transport between Asia and Europe and therefore the carbon footprint of our products.

Participant in the Global Compact

As a participant of the United Nations Global Compact ( since January 2013, Jordenen is committed to applying, promoting and supporting, in its activities, the fundamental principles of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER) as these are not a burden but an investment for the future.

Please refer to our Annual Communication on Progress and to our CSER charter :